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summer lovin'

Hello, all! Today might just be my first day of summer, but now that i'm done with university, do summer vacations even count anymore?

Bits and Pieces!

Greetings, all!

Just some bits and pieces from my life!

1. I'm super excited that we have two new interns at FemmeToxic! Eli and Angela! Be on the look out for Eli's articles!


Hello, all!

Madeline here. I’m in a fabulous mood today. Why, you ask? Because Halloween is coming up and it is, by far, my favourite holiday.

Badvertising: Shame, Sugar, and Formaldehyde?

This ad makes me hungry-- piles of pastel ice cream, and mini cupcakes with lavender icing? Yum!

Madeline's First Blog Entry!

Hey, there! My name is Madeline, and you’re reading my very first blog entry...ever! Well, besides that Xanga I kept back in middle school...

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