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FemmeToxic's Comment Policy


The girls at FemmeToxic would first of all like to encourage visitors to the sight to submit comments, pictures, articles, blogs, artwork, videos and anything else! We know you all have creative minds, and you should show your brilliance off to us and to the world! Your thoughts, ideas and participation are what drive the site, so we encourage you all to submit to your heart’s desire.

However, it should be noted that the FemmeToxic website is intended to be a safe space for all of those wishing to comment. This means that comments that include discrimination or hate on the basis of race, ability, gender expression, sexual orientation, class, and all those other axes of oppression, will not be published. Neither will comments that threaten violence or make broad generalizations about groups of people.

This website is a space to discuss topics related to safe cosmetics, women’s health, environmentalism, consumerism, alternative products and any other topic that might strike you as something interesting and relevant to our project. Some of what will appear might be controversial stuff. Not everyone will agree with or have the same opinions on the many topics that will come up in the forum, in comments, and in blog entries. We at FemmeToxic believe that discussion and debate is really beneficial and informative, but we will not publish comments that we find to be significantly oppressive or offensive.

But that being said, we at FemmeToxic do not want to create strict rules to censor you all. However, this is a space that we have created and want to keep safe for all of those wishing to comment. It’s as if this space were our living room; if you say something offensive here we would have the right to kick you out! We want to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Happy commenting!