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That's very interesting. The majority of articles and books I've read of the subject of Green Beauty actually tell us to avoid any kind of cream-based makeup and foundation based on the preservatives that have to keep them going. Although I totally understand the implications of the 'dust' that mineral makeup creates, the makeup I use is separated by two barriers: an underlayer with the makeup, and then 3 tiny holes that dispense the mineral makeup on top. I do not normally have a problem with it "bursting" in my face, so to say, when I open the lid. I'll definitely look more into it, I did remember hearing that Mica-based products can be tainted if handled improperly, by the manufacturer, but since my Micabella crisis, I've turned to homemade independent mineral makeup from British Columbia that I know is not tainted in the manufacturing process (mostly because she makes it in her home!).


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