Not So Pretty: Toxic Products Marketed to Black Women

Today, Rev. Irene Monre wrote in the Bay Times:

"Every International Women’s Day celebration I delight in knowing I’m in a sisterhood with women across the globe fighting for gender justice.

But as lesbian women of African descent my struggle for justice intersects several fronts. And often times, it’s not only the nationally organized visible and vociferous movements in our country like the gay, or women’s or black civil rights movements.

Sometimes, like today, my struggle begins in the morning doing battle with the cosmetics and personal care products I use trying to present my best self publicly. I start my morning having to discern if the seemingly innocuous lock and twist gel I’ve been putting in my hair for years and the cocoa butter I’ve been putting on my face to smooth marks and scars and dry skin all my life are not toxic products marketed to black women."

So I thought that was pretty awesome. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics claims that "black women are disproportionately exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace, in communities and from cosmetics."

I thought this was all pretty important, so here is the resource from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics called "Not So Pretty: Toxic Products Marketed to Black Women". Check it all out y'all!


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