Street ACT/ION de la Rue

UPDATE! Street ACT/ION de la Rue was a great success! If you missed it, you can see the whole video! Watch it here.

BCAM will wrap up its Alternatives to Pink campaign with a street theatre performance on Monday, Oct.25th at 11:00 a.m. Street ACT/ION

brings to life the truth behind pink ribbon campaigns, like the ones used to sell personal care products that contain ingredients linked to breast cancer.

The press and public are invited to join BCAM on the north east corner of Ste. Catherine and McGill College Streets for some engaging theatrics and learn about the dangers in a day’s shopping trip to the cosmetics counter or drug store.

Conceived, written and performed by members and friends of FemmeToxic, the performance will reinforce the message that has been at the base of this month’s Alternatives to Pink Campaign: that cosmetic manufacturers’ purported interest in bringing an end to breast cancer - through pink cause marketing - conflicts with their continued use of chemicals banned in the European Union and understood to have endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic links.

Bring a friend and head out to see what happens in the final act of Alternatives to Pink.

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