Volunteer Position: Bilingual Workshop Facilitator

About the position:


The role of the Workshop Facilitator, with support from the Project Coordinator and Executive Director, is to facilitate FemmeToxic workshops in bilingual environments.

About FemmeToxic:


FemmeToxic is a campaign by Breast Cancer Action Montréal focusing on the toxins in the environment, particularly those found in cosmetic and personal care products, which are detrimental to human health and can increase the risk of cancer and other health-related disorders.

The goal of FemmeToxic is to advocate for stronger cosmetic regulations. More specifically, the group wishes to change the ways in which Health Canada labels cosmetics and oversees the substitution and removal of toxins in personal care products. FemmeToxic seeks to empower women and increase their awareness of these toxins in products they use, their impact on health and the safer alternatives, while motivating them to join us in giving the beauty industry its long overdue makeover.


Tasks include:

  • Participating in workshop facilitation training sessions
  • Facilitating two different FemmeToxic workshops - one for youth groups/high schools and a second for CEGEP/university students
  • Assisting with outreach in Montréal schools, community groups and organizations
  • Participating in the development and evaluation of FemmeToxic workshops

This youth-focused project intends to promote critical thought and engagement in society - especially regarding gender, media and consumerism. Therefore, an volunteer with an activist background, and/or with the interest to actively engage youth in campaign building is desirable. As this position involves public speaking, a background or interest in popular education is also desirable, as well as familiarity with multimedia methods of education. 


NOTE: This position is unpaid; however we are are willing to act in a supervisory capacity if the volunteer is eligible for academic credit through the workshop facilitation position. 


Career Development that will be acquired through this position:

  • Public engagement – by facilitating workshops, conducting outreach and engaging community groups
  • Communication – by participating in workshop development and evaluation, as well as the production of communication and resource material
  • Teamwork – by working in small teams to accomplish tasks, including working with other organizations in partnership
  • Problem-solving – by assessing situations and developing creative solutions to challenges
  • Responsibility – by establishing personal goals, seeking additional support when needed and meeting regularly with supervisors and colleagues to achieve all goals
  • Adaptability – by multi-tasking to fulfill the work plan

The ideal candidate will have experience or interest in:

  • Environmental health
  • Social activism
  • Public education
  • Feminist and/or anti-oppression frameworks
  • Working within a non-profit environment
  • Working with youth; or in a facilitation role
  • Working both independently and as part of a team
  • Networking or community outreach


  • Fluency in French and English
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • At ease with public speaking
  • Highly organized, reliable, efficient
  • Flexibility in scheduling

NOTE: This volunteer position is well suited for those with a background in Women's Studies, Social Work or related fields.


To apply please send cover letter and CV by email to the attention of Project Coordinator: coordinator@bcam.qc.ca

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