What's wrong with my Nail Polish?!

Before you paint your nail maybe pause to consider what exactly is in the polish.

What are Pthalates?

Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates) are usually used in cosmetics to help make frangrances linger longer.

Hi from the new FemmeToxic Co-ordinator!

Dear members of FemmeToxic,

I would like to formally introduce myself as the new FemmeToxic Coordinator. My name is Darshana Dhunnoo and my job at Breast Cancer Action Montreal (BCAM) is to ensure that FemmeToxic becomes a platform that allows youth to express themselves about the toxicants in their environment. We are also hoping that FemmeToxic can be more accessible and dynamic for everyone. Finally, I look forward to getting to know you through our events and discussions!

For next year, FemmeToxic is getting ready to host multiple activities such as FemmeToxic workshops, networking events, film screenings, focus groups, etc. We will be advertising these events on our website, Face Book page and Twitter account. Furthermore, FemmeToxic is currently recruiting volunteers and interns for the year 2013-2014. If you are interested, please email me at

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions or contributions for FemmeToxic.

Thank you for your continued support!

Darshana (Project Coordinator)

Why I'm a FemmeToxic member at 14 years old

Who is the easiest target for advertisements?  Is it the fifty-year-old women who want to get rid of the tummy fat?  Is it the forty-year-old women who want to look twenty years younger?  Is it the thirty-year-old women who want the bleach blond hair?  Maybe it’s the twenty-year-old ladies who want the perfect body?  All wrong.  Maybe they are easy targets for advertising.  But is it really them?  No, it’s the thirteen to eighteen-year-old girls.  The girls who are trying to fit in, trying to find themselves, and above all; they are trying to feel comfortable in their skin.  Girls in their teens are so easily influenced, and many companies take advantage of their most unstable stage in life.

Poste de bénévole ou de stagiaire / Volunteer or Intern Position

Action cancer du sein de Montréal (ACSM) est une organisation communautaire à but non-lucratif qui éduque le grand public, particulièrement les jeunes, sur les substances toxiques présentes dans l'environnement et sur leurs liens avec le cancer du sein et plaide en faveur de politiques qui diminueraient la quantité de toxiques dans notre environnement. ACSM encourage fortement les citoyens à devenir agents de changement dans leur communauté et sur le front politique en fournissant des opportunités d’engagement communautaire, d’acquisition de compétences et d’entraînement du leadership qui leur permettent de conduire des initiatives communautaires sur la prévention du cancer du sein.
Action cancer du sein de Montréal (ACSM) est à la recherche de bénévoles passionnés, indépendants et organisés ! Les bénévoles pourront choisir parmi les diverses tâches suivantes:

A Toxic Lexicon

A Toxic Lexicon

Do you know the difference between a toxin and a toxicant?
It turns out that many of us use these terms interchangeably. But there is a difference between a toxin and a toxicant—a big difference! Although popular usage may have us thinking that a toxin and a toxicant are the same, it’s essential for Femme Toxic readers know their meanings.

Why? In our work, we talk about the effects of toxic substances and how they affect your body and your health. We want you to be well-informed!
Who better to helps us explain this difference than two former BCAM and Femme Toxic public health interns, Amy Elefson and Natalie Martin.

No Poo

Kicking the Shampoo habit

Stop using harmful chemicals on your hair…but how?

“No Poo.” It’s a growing trend, and the name, well, says it all. However unappealing the moniker may be to some, it’s still a powerful reminder of the toxic junk that we use to make our hair shiny, full-bodied, and smooth. Can we shake the bad shampoo habit? Is it really possible to clean your hair naturally?

We asked Dipti Karmakar, a biomedical researcher, to share her scientific expertise on the potentially harmful chemicals in many store brand shampoos. Read below to learn how better living through chemistry can be simple and lead to healthier hair.

Dying for us; Considering the women that make our stuff

Written by Adria Vasil originally posted in Toronto NOW.  
Our only recourse in the face of the toxins assailing us in everyday life?   I mostly consider myself an optimist: the kind of girl that laughs a lot, even in the face of adversity. Then I spend some time digging though the toxic trail the chemical industry has hoisted upon the world and it makes me want to swathe all our women and children in nontoxic bubble wrap.

What's brought on my latest bubble-wrap urges? Well, just this week, a US congress-mandated committee on breast cancer and the environment issued a report telling us we need to get our shit together on environmental pollutants and breast cancer. It noted only 7% of all 84,000 registered chemicals have had complete toxicological screenings. And of the very few that have been screened, 216, stuff like BPA and pesticides, are linked to breast cancer tumours but only a fraction of the billions spent on breast cancer research goes to environmental health links or prevention.

Many of those chems of concern are hormone disruptors – the topic of a conference I went to in Toronto last week put on by the National Network on Environments and Women's Health. I talked about it in my latest Ecoholic column on this diverse family of chemicals and what the feds are (or aren't) doing about them. I heard from scientists like James Brophy and Margaret Keith, who spend their time testing workers in Southern Ontario for elevated rates of breast cancer and boy, have they found some.

Dr. #Tungsten in the liver with Molybdenum

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping that you all understood my Clue reference. (Best board game EVER!)

So last time, I was able to infuse some much needed pop culture references into the blog post thanks to Schmidt and New Girl.

However, coming up with something funny this week  was a bit more challenging. How does one make jokes about the liver and enzymes?? 

I remember when I wrote my first post for this blog, I googled "funny chemistry jokes" and I was able to find some funny chemsitry cat jokes. But no luck this week, so hopefully this opening will prove somewhat amusing........

AAAAAAAAAND back to #Tungsten.


#Tungsten, Schmidt, and Oxidative Stress

Hello again! The terrible beast called school and final period had me in its terrifying grip for the past 3 weeks. But fear not! I survived…(until I see my grades that is…)

Anyway, to more light hearted things! My group and I finished our #tungsten project!!!! ( yes I am hashtagging, quickest way to inject cool to any subject).

We had the oral presentation, which went really well and we handed in the final paper about 2 weeks ago. Somewhat of bitter sweet moment, because I am going to miss my #tungsten buddies very much and I will of course miss #tungsten…

Thankfully, I was watching New Girl last Friday, and witnessed  Cece giving  Schmidt a #tungsten carbide bracelet because, as my dear Schmidt put it, #tungsten  is a “badass metal”. You can only imagine how excited I was; #tungsten in pop culture! It made me feel exceptionally relevant and hip.

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