Take a Whiff...Do You Smell Fat?

In honor of International Women's Day, which was yesterday, you have a right to know this. Especially if you live in the U.S. which bans only 9 chemicals from our personal care products. While most of us will not make headlines and go down in the history books as "remarkable" women, we are and we have a remarkable opportunity. We have the right to write our own history of creating a safer, healthier "present" to live in and an opportunity to make choices that can make a difference.

FemmeToxic celebrates the 100th International Women's Day and the National Day of Action

It is Internationial Women's Day today, and FemmeToxic, in collaboration with Girls Action Foundation, will be celebrating all month long. Here are a few things you should take note of:

Help uncover the hidden hazards in fragrance

FemmeToxic is collaborating with the David Suzuki Foundation to find out more about secret fragrance chemicals lurking in the personal care products you use each day and we need your help!

In Canada, companies don't have to list on the label all of the chemicals they use in their fragranced body products.

PG...I'd rather not!

I am not an alarmist. I would rather create an environment of "smarts" than fear.


Fragrant Dis-stress

I love perfume. Cannot imagine a day without it. First fragrance? Tinkerbell.

  As a teen, I wore Muguet du Bois, Tweed and then quarts of Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps all while also inhaling my BF's English Leather and Brut.  Later, I flirted with Chanel #5, Coco, Opium, Dune, Caleche...the list goes on. Now I have 4 fragrances I really love and wear depending on which I can afford.

Coming out of the library the other day I passed an elderly woman who had on the most fantastic fragrance and I told her so. 

Nous embauchons! We're hiring!

BREAST CANCER ACTION MONTREAL (BCAM)  is currently looking to fill the position of Administrator and Outreach Coordinator. See the full job description and requiredments here.

ACTION CANCER DU SEIN DE MONTREAL (ACSM) est à la recherche dèune Administratrice et coordinatrice de sensibilisation. Voir le poste d'affichage ici.

La Journée nationale d’action (date limite prolongé)

  C'est le temps de s'inscrire!

Cette année FemmeToxic est heureuse d’être partenaire avec la Fondation Filles d’Action pour leur Journée nationale d’action, la Journée Mondiale de la Femme, jour glorifiant les jeunes femmes qui influencent leur monde.  La Journée nationale d’action appelle les filles et les jeunes femmes à travers le Canada à réaliser un acte merveilleux: faire la différence dans leur monde.

FemmeToxic in the HuffPost: "Is Your Makeup Safe" by Dr. Nalini Chilkov

  Read the original article in the HuffingtonPost here.
Is Your Makeup Safe?

Everyday we use a myriad of personal care products on our bodies from soaps and lotions to shampoos and conditioners, makeup and shaving creams.Ingredients and chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products are currently unregulated. Ingredients such as pthalates, coal tar, talc and parabens have been linked to increased risk of cancer, though more research is needed to determine the magnitude of this risk. Many have been banned in Europe, but not in the United States.

National Day of Action (deadline extended)

  It's time to register!

This year FemmeToxic is happy to be partnering with Girls Action Foundation  for their National Day of Action, to celebrate International Women's Day, a day that celebrates young women who make a difference in their world. The National Day of Action calls on girls and young women from across Canada to commit the most loving act of all: making a difference in their world.

Is This Product Safe? Playing Chemical Detective (Free Workshop)

You are invited to Breast Cancer Action Montreal's annual Workshop for members and their guests. BCAM Presents:

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