How to be a conscious consumer while avoiding the ‘seller stare’ (Love the Label)

A few months ago I found myself in the Georgian mall in Barrie, ON. While shopping, I came across a kiosk named “Micabella.” Always on the lookout for organic, mineral makeup, I decided to ask the salesperson for clarification of their guaranteed “100% natural mineral makeup."

FemmeToxic Website Launch October 16th, 2009 (Photos)

On September 16th, 2009 FemmeToxic launched a brand new website! We talked about safe cosmetics and made some beautiful art from some toxic cosmetics!

It's a Twitter Party! Join us on Twitter to talk about Pinkwashing October 21st 8PM EST

Pinkwashing: A term used to describe companies that position themselves as leaders in the fight against breast cancer while engaging in practices that may be contributing to rising ra

How do you Love the Label?

From a small University in Northern Ontario comes a campaign with big goals ... and big questions. The Love the Label campaign was launched on campus at Nipissing University in North Bay, ON this year to help promote awareness about the toxins and noxious ingredients in our cosmetics and personal care products.

How does the Story of Cosmetics relate to Canadian legislation?

Check out this great mashup video!

Via Sociological Images, student Samantha Figueroa created an awesome mash-up of Adriel Luis’ Slip of Tongue, and images from Pocahontas. View it here

Fairly Foul: Cosmetics, Sociometry and Annie Leonard!

So my last blog entry reviewed my first session with the girls.  After that, I sat down and went over everything I did, what worked well, what didn't and what I should do about it. 

Fairly Foul Part I: The Phantom Menace

The chemicals in our cosmetics really are a phantom menace!  Byproducts aren't on the labels (hello formaldehyde), fragrances are "trade secrets" and greenwashing is everywhere! 

Different Colours of Beauty

Hello again!  I have been on holiday for a week now!   After leaving Montreal, I went to London and now I am on my way to Ghana (West Africa). Throughout my journey, I cannot help but notice the different ways in which women present themselves.

Fairly Foul: The YWCA takes on Cosmetics, the Environment and You!

I am so excited to be blogging to the FemmeToxic community!  My name is Katie and I'm a Youth Eco-Intern with the YWCA heading up the "Women & the Environment" project which is looking at environmental impacts on women's health. 

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