Fairly Foul: The YWCA takes on Cosmetics, the Environment and You!

I am so excited to be blogging to the FemmeToxic community!  My name is Katie and I'm a Youth Eco-Intern with the YWCA heading up the "Women & the Environment" project which is looking at environmental impacts on women's health.  Check out the link for more details!

When the Youth Programs Coordinator asked me if I was interested in doing weekly sessions with the Girlz Unplugged summer camp on any part of my research that would be of interest to the girls I immediately said yes!  After getting into the research component of my project, I found that the chemicals we are exposed to in our cosmetics kept coming up - and so, I chose my topic for the sessions!

The girls in this camp are 9-13 years old, which is a great age to start talking about and thinking about issues around cosmetics in terms of health, consumerism, environment and self-worth/self-esteem.  FemmeToxic has been an incredible resource in terms of providing the information in fun, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand ways.  Not only that, but when I let them know what I was up to I got an immediate offer of support!

Please stay posted - I'll be sharing details and pics about my sessions soon!


YWCA of Muskoka
Passion - Possibility - Choice

Muskoka, ON circa 1909

What an interesting project,

What an interesting project, Katie! I'm looking forward to reading your blog to find out about your weekly sessions with the girls. I love the photo too! Liann kidsblog.cottagelife.com

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